The Benefits of Working from a Template.
1. What are the advantages of having "Website Innovative" develop my website?

The major advantage is cost: You get a high quality website designed & developed customized to suit your business. The value of such a website ranges depending on the number of pages you choose.

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You save significantly when considering how much you it would cost to create these sites from scratch.

You could pay as much as 5 to 10 times more if you hired a web designer or studio to create an equal quality design from scratch and then you would still need to pay for hosting. Not with us ... our services are much less expensive and we have free hosting plans when you design with us.

No guessing games either ... your site is designed in about half the time and your site can be previewed for viewing now. Click here to see our templates.

The second advantage is the time frame: With many other companies and web developers it can take 30-90 days or more and that's if you get the co-operation you expect to get. Many have experienced much longer waiting times as long as 6 months before it's done ... and sometimes without a satisfactory end result. That's frustrating and the delay sets your business behind. With our templates you see what you get right up front! We can customized your site in about 15 to 30 business days ... ready to launch!

The third main advantage is that we complete it ... making it functional and marketable, customized to your business specifications and we mobilize it for the digital community readable on all smart phones! This includes, the registration of your domain name, setting up the hosting and business email address. That's not all ... we customize the template to publish all necessary content and feature links to help bring your business to life on the net in a powerful way.

The fourth of many benefits is that you'll receive a free community mobile APP site ... much like a portal to help drive traffic to your primary business site. This portal is loaded up with everything people want and need in their busy day and represents an effective social networking tool that just keeps on referring. Your free portal is designed to attract advertisers in your community, which further helps you network your business while earning ad revenue.

When you purchase a template license from us, you buy the rights to use the template for as many years as you like. It has all the benefits of ownership with some interesting tax advantages.