MOBILE marketing for your business
QR codes (quick response codes), are growing exponentially in popularity

QR codes are one the most cost effective ways to grow your business and the fastest way for consumers to get the info they want about your products / services, discounts, sale prices, store hours etc. A scan of your QR code instanly takes consumers to your website or mobile site.

We have a mobile marketing plan to get your business QR mobilized for viewing by all smart phones, tablets and computers through an unlimited consumer market.

Here’s how easy it works. When someone scans or reads your customized QR code from your store window, business card, vehicle, banner, flyer, magazine or newspaper ad with their iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled smart phone, they’ll instantly connect to your website, web page, video, audio, images, contact info and email address.

A recent press release by the IDC research group revealed that for the first time ever, smart phones are outselling personal computers.



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Mobile ads work!

So how can your business take advantage?


Here’s what you receive:

1/ A mobile website readable on all smart phones
2/ A customized “QR code”, customized for your business.
3/ A registered dot mobi domain for your business.
4/ Registration of your mobile domain name.

5/ A mobile coupon ad

6/ 250 business cards with your QR imprinted
7/ Link up to features and videos for social marketing
8/ Link to your primary web site



Your Mobile site can feature all attractions
listed below to help drive traffic to your site


1/ Your Logo and product photos
11/ Link to Facebook
2/ Product / Service Description
12/ Link to Twitter
3/ Promotional offer
13/ Link to Linkedin
4/ Your contact information
14/ Link to Blogger
5/ Refer a friend button
15/ Link to Flicker
6/ Link to Humour Videos
16/ Link to VOX
7/ Link to Music Videos
17/ Link to Youtube
8/ Link to Sports Videos
18/ Link to News TV
9/ Link to Movie Videos
19/ Link to Weather and Financials and lotto results
10/ Link to World News Sources


A Quick Look at the Quick Response Marketplace: Go Mobile with your business!


40% of all mobile phones in the U.S. were smart phones in July 2012. By the end of this calendar year, Smart phones will likely dominate.

63% of survey respondents say
mobile search has changed the way they gather information.

53% of smart phone users who research products and services on their phones make purchases.

92% of survey respondents consider smart phones or tablets a “real convenience” for research and / or purchase products or services.

Lowe’s, the home Retailer is deploying 42,000 iPhones to accommodate staff

14,000,000 QR code scans occurred in the U.S. in June 2012.

72% of smart phone users would be
likely to recall ads with QR codes.

54.7% of those who have scanned QR codes have an income of $75k or higher.

QR code usage increased by more than 5,000% from 1st quarter 2011 to 2012.

So what’s in store for Mobile advertising in the near future?  Mobile advertising will likely surpass the outmoded Web1.0. and computer centric advertising. Let us help you get started today. We know the most effective way to go mobile with QR’s. Let us prove to you how well it can work for your business!




Since smart phones are now the #1 method for the public to gather information about you products and services, your contact info, business hours, and any special promotions you're offering ... your landing page is therefore critical to your success.


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