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The ideal situation is to have your web site referred by visitors .. over and over again. Traffic!

One way to do that is by letting us create a resourceful community portal, linked directly to your primary site. has also partnered with a U.S. based news agency specializing in providing tailored news feeds for websites. Well create a news feed that is updated daily for your clients reading enjoyment. A great way to have your site referred by others and to generate advertising revenue from within your community ... which helps to further network your business.

Full time newsroom journalists write unique and tailored news feed articles to an editorial brief and keyword strategy that is set and controlled by the client.

All articles are solely provided to individual clients and are published and archived in their entirety on the client website. You select a news feed from such sources as: top news, world news, financial news, sports, entertainment news, celebrity news, health news, etc, or specifically about your industry.

Key Benefits

    • Keep your website fresh and updated with breaking news.
    • Increase organic listings with search engine optimized articles.
    • Inspire confidence and portray your brand as a leading sector voice.
    • Drive ad revenue by directing traffic to your site.
    • Increase dwell time and repeat visits with archived and related articles.
    • Engage your audience with Social Networking sites.

    Please allow a little time to upload the portal for your first visit ... after that, this news feed
    portal will appear in regular upload time.