Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making your website attractive to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Search engines regularly read and archive websites so that people can find them easily. If your website is about real estate or a home trade or home appliances and optimized properly, your site could appear within the first page or two of every search engine over time.

What SEO Is Not

SEO is not about tricking search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is about creating clean and detailed web pages that can be easily read by automated robots. We at follow a basic set of rules that have the correct information in your source code along with keywords and other detailed information throughout a page, so that a search engine like Google will be able to easily read and catalog (or index) your page.

If implemented within search engine guidelines which is just what we do, the practice is endorsed by Google and other search engines. Good SEO results come from pages that are set up in a structured and orderly fashion. The pages will be filled with better information and more valuable content.

How Search Engines Work

Search engines have programs called spiders which visit web pages to determine what the content of your site is, and to find other links to scan at a later date. Spiders, or web crawlers, scan the content of web pages. They send the results of their scan back to the algorithm to be broken down and analyzed.

If the spiders encounter a link to another page or website these links are stored. Eventually other spiders crawl the linked-to pages.

Therefore, the more links from other websites and pages your website has, the more frequently your website is visited and crawled. The three most important factors for SEO are:

1. Have Great Content that’s valuable
2. Links and back links are important
3. Use the Tags

Search engines look at a combination of over 200 factors to determine what pages should rank for which queries. Some of these include:

Information on the web pages (known as on-page factors), such as:
Page content
Title heading

Off-site factors also come into play. These factors incorporate:
How reputable is the page linking to you?
What words are being used to link to you?

Press Releases

Press releases are usually used to get the attention of journalists or industry news websites, magazines and periodicals.

Many press release websites have relationships with search engine news feeds, so using them can be a very effective way to put your website in front of the right people. You will receive a free news feed portal for your business linked directly to your primary site. This will help you achieve high traffic and more referrals.

Marketing a website

That's no different than marketing a business. You have to advertise, send out press releases, engage in viral or word of mouth campaigns, or visit other places and tell them about your website. Though a complete marketing plan demands its own guide, some of the key goals of any website marketing plan should involve:

Getting people to visit your website.
Getting people to link to your site.
Convincing visitors to tell others about your website.
Encouraging people to regularly come back to your pages and that's done through your free portal site.

Link Building and Link Development

Links are the primary method a search engine uses to discover your website, and a key factor in its rankings. Links help search engines determine how trustworthy, creditable and authoritative your website is, and they also help search engines figure out what your website is about. A reciprocal link to and from “Stove Alert” for example, our father company, can be a big help for your company. founded by search and rescue professionals is ranked #1 on Google. They offer many Government links for fire prevention in the home. Your business logo on this site with a link to your primary site is of high value to any business since it adds creditability. Your new portal site provides household safety tips for the public and your community remembers that and refers your site to others.

Links from trusted authoritative websites tell search engines that your website is more reliable and valuable.